We're working on Hanami 2.0, and making monthly alpha releases. Read the latest announcement and follow the progress on GitHub.

Hanami stable and development status

Main Hanami Ruby gems

Ruby gem Stable gem version (Hanami 1) Stable CI build (Hanami 1) Development CI build (Hanami 2) Target Hanami version
Hanami 2.0 (Work In Progress)
CLI - 2.0 (Work In Progress)
Model - 2.1 (Not Started)
Assets 2.1 (Not Started)
Mailer 2.1 (Done)
Helpers 2.1 (Work In Progress)
View 2.1 (Work In Progress)
Controller 2.0 (Done)
Router 2.0 (Done)
Validations 2.0 (Done)
Utils 2.0 (Done)

Other Hanami Ruby gems

Ruby gem Stable gem version Stable CI build Development CI build

Git branches

Development: main

The default Git branch for Hanami repositories is main.
It is the base branch for future releases.
New features must be merged there.
New gem pre-releases must happen from main.
Once a gem is released as stable, create a stable branch counterpart.

Example: a new feature for Hanami 2, must be branched from main and merged in main.

Stable: Major.Minor.x (e.g. 1.3.x)

Maintenance code of stable versions must be merged in these branches.
New gem releases must happen from these branches.

Example: a bug fix for Hanami 1, must be branched from 1.3.x and merged into 1.3.x.
Looking for Lotus? We renamed the project and it's now called Hanami. Read the announcement.