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You can become a Hanami sponsor on GitHub in order to keep the project independent and help with sustainable development.


Hanami is a big and ambitious Open Source project which is being developed by a handful of expert Rubyists. The project unifies an entire ecosystem of Open Source libraries and tools that you can find in other organizations like dry-rb or rom-rb.

Hanami aims to take application development using Ruby to the next level. Whether you're building a web or a non-web application - you can benefit from Hanami and its powerful features.

This is a big effort that has already consumed thousands of hours of hard work. In order to be able to ship Hanami 2.0 faster and then to be able to keep working on Hanami and related projects from its ecosystem, we're seeking sponsorship.

Having financial support enables us to cover ongoing expenses and devote much more dedicated time to Open Source work. This can speed up development efforts significantly as well as increase the quality of the work.

By supporting Hanami, you can be sure that the funds will go directly to people involved with the project in order to let them work on the project in a sustainable way. The funds may also be used to cover various ongoing expenses like infrastructure, domains, hosting etc.

Please note that this sponsorship is based on mutual trust and does not establish any legal obligations. If you decide to sponsor Hanami, you simply trust that we — the developers working on the project — are going to continue doing our best work in order to finish Hanami 2.0 and continue working on it in the future.

We appreciate your support!

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Past Backers

A huge THANK YOU <3 to our supporters!

James Carlson, Leonardo Saraiva, Tom de Bruijn, Alexander Gräfe, Marcello Rocha, Robert Gogolok, Maurizio De Magnis, Jason Charnes, Hélio Costa (hlegius), Ryan Sacha Renuo