Hello again, friends! Weโ€™re excited to share our release of Hanami 2.0.1!

It ships with small enhancements and minor bug fixes, after our 2.0.0 release.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Ensure Content-Security-Policy HTTP response header to be returned as a single line
  • Ensure to load .env files during CLI commands execution
  • Ensure hanami server to respect HTTP port used in .env or the value given as CLI argument (--port)
  • Ensure Rack events are on internal notifications system
  • Return HTTP response header Allow when returning 405 HTTP status
  • Introduce Hanami::Middleware::BodyParser::FormParser to parse multipart file upload
  • Make Hanami::Utils::Callbacks::Chain and Hanami::Utils::Callbacks::Callback comparable via #== based on their contents, rather than their object identity

Released Gems

  • hanami 2.0.1
  • hanami-reloader 2.0.1
  • hanami-cli 2.0.1
  • hanami-router 2.0.1
  • hanami-utils 2.0.1

How To Upgrade

How to upgrade from a Hanami app:

$ bundle update hanami-utils hanami-router hanami-cli hanami-reloader hanami

How to try Hanami for the first time:

$ gem install hanami
$ hanami new bookshelf
$ cd bookshelf
$ bundle exec hanami server # visit http://localhost:2300

Thank You

Thank you also to these wonderful people for contributing to Hanami 2.0.1!