Hello people!

Today we're happy to announce v1.2.0.beta2 release 🙌 , with the stable release (v1.2.0) scheduled for April 2018.

Features 🍎

  • Support objects as CLI callbacks

Bug fixes 🐛

  • Ensure CLI callbacks' context of execution (aka self) to be the command that is being executed
  • Raise meaningful error message when trying to access session or flash with disabled sessions
  • Print stack trace to standard output when a CLI command raises an error

Released Gems 💎

  • hanami-1.2.0.beta2
  • hanami-model-1.2.0.beta2
  • hanami-assets-1.2.0.beta2
  • hanami-cli-0.2.0.beta2
  • hanami-mailer-1.2.0.beta2
  • hanami-helpers-1.2.0.beta2
  • hanami-view-1.2.0.beta2
  • hamami-controller-1.2.0.beta2
  • hanami-router-1.2.0.beta2
  • hanami-validations-1.2.0.beta2
  • hanami-utils-1.2.0.beta2
  • hanami-webconsole-0.1.0.beta2
  • hanami-ujs-0.1.0.beta2

How to try it

gem install hanami --pre
hanami new bookshelf

What's next?

We'll release new beta versions, with enhancements, and bug fixes. The stable release is expected on April 2018, in the meantime, please try this beta and report issues.

Happy coding! 🌸