Hello wonderful community!

On yesterday I released v1.1.0.beta2, but it was broken 😭.

My sincere apologize, folks. 🙏

I quickly fixed the problem and released a new version: v1.1.0.beta3.

Released Gems

  • hanami-1.1.0.beta3
  • hanami-model-1.1.0.beta3
  • hanami-assets-1.1.0.beta3
  • hanami-cli-0.1.0.beta3
  • hanami-mailer-1.1.0.beta3
  • hanami-helpers-1.1.0.beta3
  • hanami-view-1.1.0.beta3
  • hamami-controller-1.1.0.beta3
  • hanami-router-1.1.0.beta3
  • hanami-validations-1.1.0.beta3
  • hanami-utils-1.1.0.beta3

How to try it

If you want to try with a new project:

gem install hanami --pre
hanami new bookshelf

If you want to upgrade your existing project, edit the Gemfile:

# ...
gem "hanami",       "1.1.0.beta3"
gem "hanami-model", "1.1.0.beta3"

What's next?

We'll release the stable release later this month, in the meantime, please try this beta and report issues. Happy coding! 🌸