Minor Changes

v1.0.0.beta2 is a patch release for few bug fixes:

  • Fixed migrations MySQL detection of username and password
  • Fixed migrations creation/drop of a MySQL database with a dash in the name
  • Ensure db console to work when Postgres connection URL is defined with "postgresql://" scheme
  • Allow to define Postgres connection URL as "postgresql:///mydb?host=localhost&port=6433&user=postgres&password=testpasswd"
  • Add Action#unsafe_send_file to send files outside of the public directory of a project
  • Ensure HTTP Cache to not crash when HTTP_IF_MODIFIED_SINCE and HTTP_IF_NONE_MATCH have blank values
  • Ensure to return 404 when Action#send_file cannot find a file with a globbed route
  • Flash messages survive after a redirect
  • Don't mutate Rack env when sending files
  • Deep symbolize params from parsed body
  • Hanami::Router#recognize must return a non-routeable object when the endpoint cannot be resolved
  • Made Utils::Blank private API

Released Gems

  • hanami-1.0.0.beta2
  • hanami-model-1.0.0.beta2
  • hamami-controller-1.0.0.beta2
  • hanami-router-1.0.0.beta2
  • hanami-utils-1.0.0.beta2


We're grateful for each person who contributed to this release. These lovely people are:

How To Update Your Project

Edit your Gemfile:

gem 'hanami', '1.0.0.beta2'
gem 'hanami-model', '1.0.0.beta2'

Then run bundle update hanami hanami-model.

What's Next?

Since v1.0.0.beta1, Hanami API's are stable and won't be changed until 2.0.

We'll keep to release small beta/rc versions to integrate fixes for reported bugs.

The final stable release (v1.0.0) will happen between the end of March and the beginning of April 2017, which coincides with the Hanami season in Japan. 🌸