This is a patch release for bug fixes and minor enhancements:

  • Added support for Ruby MRI 2.5+
  • Fixed regression for mailer generator: when using options like --from and --to the generated Ruby code isn't valid as it was missing string quotes.
  • Generate tests for views including :format in exposures. This fixes view unit tests when the associated template renders a partial.
  • Ensure exposures are properly overwritten for partials when locals: option is used
  • Ensure Hanami::Action#send_file and #unsafe_send_file to run after action callbacks
  • Ensure Rack env to have the REQUEST_METHOD key set to GET during actions unit tests
  • Ensure Hanami::Router to properly respond to unlink HTTP requests
  • HTML helpers: print href and src first in output HTML
  • Ensure #select form helper to not select options with nil value
  • Ensure #fields_for_collection form helper to produce input fields with correct name attribute
  • Ensure #select form helper to respect :selected option
  • CLI: Ensure default values for arguments to be sent to commands
  • CLI: Ensure to fail when a missing required argument isn't provider, but an option is provided instead
  • Make Hanami::Utils::Files.write idempotent: ensure to truncate the file before to write
  • Don't erase file contents when invoking Hanami::Utils::Files.touch
  • Deprecate Hanami::Utils::Files.rewrite in favor of .write
  • Introduce Hanami::Utils::Hash.deep_stringify to recursively stringify a hash
  • Ensure Hanami::Interactor#call to accept non-keyword arguments

Released Gems

  • hanami-1.1.1
  • hanami-assets-1.1.1
  • hanami-cli-0.1.1
  • hanami-helpers-1.1.1
  • hanami-view-1.1.1
  • hanami-controller-1.1.1
  • hanami-router-1.1.1
  • hanami-utils-1.1.2


We're grateful for each person who contributed to this release. These lovely people are:

How To Update Your Project

bundle update hanami-utils hanami-router hanami-controller hanami-helpers hanami-cli hanami-assets hanami

Happy coding! 🌸