Hello wonderful community!

Today we're happy to announce v1.1.0.beta2 release 🙌 , with the stable release (v1.1.0) scheduled later this month.


So what's new and exiciting in the Hanami world?

Hanami plugins

We're starting to support Hanami plugins. Hanami plugins are gems that can integrate with Hanami projects.

The first thing plugins are be able to do is to provide custom CLI commands. A developer that needs to use a plugin, can add it to the :plugins group to the Gemfile.

# Gemfile
# ...

group :plugins do
  gem "hanami-reloader"

Here's a first working example of how to implement it: hanami-reloader. It's an experimental reloader gem for Hanami, based on guard.

Database CLI

We added hanami db rollback to rollback database migrations.

By default it rolls back the latest migration, but you can specify a number of steps to rollback:

bundle exec hanami db rollback   # rolls back the last migration
bundle exec hanami db rollback 5 # rolls back the last five migrations

Params extra error messages

It's now possible to add error messages to Action's params via params.errors.add:

module Web::Controllers::User
  class Create
    include Web::Action

    params do
      required(:user).schema do

    def call(params)
      return unless params.valid?
    rescue Hanami::Model::UniqueConstraintViolationError
      params.errors.add(:email, "is not unique")

Released Gems

  • hanami-1.1.0.beta2
  • hanami-model-1.1.0.beta2
  • hanami-assets-1.1.0.beta2
  • hanami-cli-0.1.0.beta2
  • hanami-mailer-1.1.0.beta2
  • hanami-helpers-1.1.0.beta2
  • hanami-view-1.1.0.beta2
  • hamami-controller-1.1.0.beta2
  • hanami-router-1.1.0.beta2
  • hanami-validations-1.1.0.beta2
  • hanami-utils-1.1.0.beta2


We're grateful for each person who contributed to this release. These lovely people are:

How to try it

If you want to try with a new project:

gem install hanami --pre
hanami new bookshelf

If you want to upgrade your existing project, edit the Gemfile:

# ...
gem "hanami",       "1.1.0.beta2"
gem "hanami-model", "1.1.0.beta2"

What's next?

We'll release the stable release later this month, in the meantime, please try this beta and report issues. Happy coding! 🌸