Minor Changes

v1.0.0.beta3 is a patch release for few bug fixes and small changes:

  • Action's flash is now public API
  • Added form helpers: time_field, month_field, week_field, range_field, search_field, url_field, tel_field, and image_button
  • Added HTML5 helpers for <dialog>, <hgroup>, <rtc>, <slot>, and <var> HTML5 tags
  • Use $stdout instead of STDOUT as default stream for Hanami::Logger
  • Disconnect from stale connections when rebooting an application in production
  • Don't mount Hanami::CommonLogger middleware if logging is disabled for the project
  • Remove Hanami::Utils::Attributes as no longer used
  • Remove deprecated Hanami::Utils::Json.load and .dump, use .parse and .generate instead
  • Remove deprecated Hanami::Interactor::Result#failing?, use #failure? instead
  • Remove deprecated Hanami::View::Rendering::LayoutScope#content, use #local instead
  • Remove deprecated Hanami::Application#default_format, use #default_request_format instead
  • Safely boot the application if mailers aren't configured
  • Ensure code reloading don't misconfigure mailer settings

Released Gems

  • hanami-1.0.0-beta3
  • hanami-model-1.0.0.beta3
  • hanami-utils-1.0.0.beta3
  • hanami-validations-1.0.0.beta2
  • hanami-router-1.0.0.beta3
  • hanami-controller-1.0.0.beta3
  • hanami-view-1.0.0.beta2
  • hanami-helpers-1.0.0.beta2
  • hanami-mailer-1.0.0.beta2
  • hanami-assets-1.0.0.beta2


We're grateful for each person who contributed to this release. These lovely people are:

How To Update Your Project

Edit your Gemfile:

gem 'hanami', '1.0.0.beta3'
gem 'hanami-model', '1.0.0.beta3'

Then run bundle update hanami hanami-model.

What's Next?

The final stable release (v1.0.0) will happen between the end of March and the beginning of April 2017, which coincides with the Hanami season in Japan. 🌸